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Learn the art of puppetry!

We are offering a variety of workshops for a range of age levels. Great for schools, community centers, summer camps or any group that wants to play around with puppets. Available workshops coming soon or contact [email protected] for more information or suggest a workshop. We love to share what we know.

Exploring Shadow Masks and Silhouette

For Grades 3 and Up

This workshop uses overhead projectors and a projection screen to explore human silhouettes and shadow masks as tools for storytelling. Participants will create large-scale masks using cardboard, feathers, faux fur, and other repurposed materials to transform their bodies into expressive shadow characters. 

This hands-on workshop is designed for grades 3 and up. Join us as we channel our creativity into creating bold shapes and designs, and build transformative, larger-than-life creatures.

Exploration of Shadow Puppetry

This workshop will use overhead projectors and a projection screen to explore the fundamentals of shadow puppetry manipulation and construction. It will guide participants in how to transform simple materials into unique and bold shadows. Through the process of experimentation and play, we will explore different shapes, textures, colors and characters to breathe life into new ideas.

Tabletop Bunraku Puppetry

This workshop will guide participants through the process of working as a team to bring a human bunraku puppet to life. Students will learn the fundamentals of team puppetry and will utilize communication skills to make decisions as a team, while following the team leader. Through the use of teamwork, each group will create a short movement sequence using the puppets and props they have been given. Each team will participate in the presentation of their sequence, as well as giving and receiving feedback from the class.

Making Characters with Simple Shapes

In this workshop, participants will explore using simple shapes to create characters and puppets. Students will be guided through making animals using a single shape, then combining shapes to create their own character. Common materials (paper, tape, straws, flashlights) are used to facilitate further exploration. This workshop complements a performance of “The Bremen Town Musicians” but can be done independently of the show.
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